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Kelly Lynch, FAADOM, has managed dental offices for over twenty-five years, as well as twelve years in retail and hospital management. She founded Platinum Practice Solutions, LLC in 2015 as a Dental Practice Management Consultant, offering services in Practice Management Systems, Communication Skills, and Team Cross Training. 

~FELLOW of the American Association of Dental Office Managers

~AADOM (American Association of Dental Office management) Lifetime Member

~Member of SCN (Speaking Consulting Network)

~2016 AADOM Practice Administrator of Distinction

~Certified Corporate Trainer-Institute of Management Training & Development

~Certified-Healthcare Cash Management

~Certified-Direct Reimbursement-Maine Dental Association

~Certification/Fred Pryor Seminars-Exceptional Customer Service; Conflict Management and Confrontational Skills

~Certificate-Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies; Evolutionary Hygiene; Advanced Functional Restorative Dentistry; Advanced Adhesive Aesthetic Dentistry/Predictable Techniques for the Team and Dynamic Team Concepts.

~Certification-Dental Business Consulting Program; Roger Levin.

~Graduate Dental Boot Kamp 

Level I + II



We provide effective, easy to follow, solutions 

to issues that are 

keeping you from achieving the 

Platinum Practice 

you have been dreaming of!!!

Cross Train your Team for Optimal Practice Efficiency and Productivity.

~Exceptional & proven communications skills for the Doctor and Team!

~Develop Telephone Skills that the Entire Team can use to 

convert "Shopper" calls into New Patients!

~Improve Treatment Planning and Treatment Acceptance!

~Secrets to Productive Scheduling

~Key Verbal skills to reduce no-shows and cancellations!

~Increase patient referrals with a system EVERYONE will LOVE!

~Effective and consistent financial arrangements for your patients!




We all know that silver, gold and diamonds are great; but "Platinum"; now that is in a class of its own!  

To reach this level you have to be more than good, better than great...you need to be "Exceptional"!

Communication is key in all aspects of our lives. How we communicate with people will make or break a relationship! So why is it so easy for some people and so difficult for others? 

Knowing "what" to say and, more importantly, "how" to say something is the difference between scheduling that new patient, that big treatment plan, or sitting in your office, watching your dreams evaporate.  

Specializing in five-star 

communication skills, customer service, accounts management, productive scheduling and creating an environment of clinical excellence; I have assisted in guiding doctors and their teams to be the absolute best they can be!     

Let Platinum Practice Solutions help you in your journey. 

Together, we can make your dental practice dreams come true and provide the predictability your practice needs to have a lot less stress and a lot more fun!

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What People are Saying ...


When I first met Kelly, my office seemed to be caught in a downward spiral of low production, low collections, low team morale. My schedule was inconsistent, the number of patients on payment plans was growing, and the amount of administrative work was daunting.

It was clear from the first day that Kelly joined our team that she understands effective office management. She recognized the faults in our systems that were labor intensive to monitor and maintain, and presented numerous suggestion to reduce the amount of paperwork and tedious tracking of accounts. She suggested alternative ways to schedule our day to maximize efficiency and utilize each team member to their best ability.

Thanks to Kelly and her hard work we now have a schedule that is profitable and productive with patients who understand the value of their care. I can’t thank her enough for the transformation she created in my office. It feels great to look forward each day to working with a fun, happy, productive, and motivated team.

Amanda M. Rockwood DDS 


Thank you for teaching me so many wonderful things to take back into my practice come Monday.  You were amazing and I appreciate the time you took to teach all of us here in Utah.

Diana Torgeson


Hi Kelly,

Thank you for the wonderful presentation today! My husband is currently a second year dental student. We plan to buy a practice once he graduates. I felt like your presentation was incredibly insightful. 




“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly both professionally and personally for the past 13 years, and she is a wonderful person in every aspect! She is very energetic, has great ideas, can be discreet when needed, and really knows her stuff! I have no doubt she is going to change the landscape of dental care for the better”!

Suzanne Nason, PRS-Southern Maine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery






My mission is to share my skills and knowledge with dental practices, by helping the doctors & teams create a practice that consistently surpasses patient expectations and is highly productive while reducing stress and having more fun”! 


Earn patient loyalty by creating an experience that empowers!

Learn how to create a dental practice of outstanding customer service, high quality dentistry, team synergy and career satisfaction without breaking the bank!

         Contact Kelly today for your COMPLIMENTARY FACT FINDING CALL!   

                 (207)490-1040    kelly@platinumpracticesolutions.com


  1. Cross-Training for optimal practice coverage and success!
  2. Learn how to properly delegate and follow up!
  3. Learn the secret to holding a productive, informative and interactive Team Meeting!
  4. Make your office a safe place to communicate, grow as a team and create a harmonious work environment!
  5. Support each other through understanding and loyalty!
  6. Create proven systems to provide predictability for a stress-free day.
  7. Provide your patients with optimal patient care, and your practice with optimal  productivity. 
  8. Develop systems that will work for your individual practice as well as developing confidence and a culture of Teamwork within each team member.


  1. Determine which reports are necessary and what reports will provide the most benefit to your practice.
  2. Develop a schedule for reporting and how to evaluate the reports for trends in your practice.



  1. Implement successful telephone skills.
  2. Learn to effectively discuss treatment plans and patient finances with confidence.
  3. Learn how to professionally respond and handle patient hesitation, rejections and frustration.
  4. Explore ways to provide World Class Service in your practice.


  1. What to keep, how long to keep it, and what can be destroyed.
  2. Develop and implement key systems to make your practice and your day run efficiently.
  3. Create and schedule updates to your specific key systems.


  1. ​Interview Secrets to find the Perfect Team Member
  2. Hiring, Firing, Employee Reviews
  3. Verbal and Written Employee Corrections
  4. OSHA/HIPAA requirements
  5. HR Documentation and record keeping 


  1. What are the best modes of marketing today?
  2. What will work for your practice?
  3. Create a marketing strategy and budget for the next 12 months.

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10 "KNOWS" to get to "YES"!


10 “KNOWS” to get to “YES”!   

Elevate your Practice through Patient Centered Care

  Want to sleep better knowing that you are doing the absolute best for you, your team, your patients and the overall 

health of the practice!

Are you losing patients because the phones aren’t being answered properly? Have you listened to your team 

answer the phone and talk with prospective patients?

Is production suffering because you “don’t want to seem salesy or pushy” when treatment planning? 

When it comes to treatment planning, do your patients “only want to do what the insurance will cover”? 

Learn how to change that mindset of the patient to one of accepting the best treatment!

Course Description:

From the first phone call to completion of treatment, explore valuable, operational systems that will allow your 

practice to create a culture of accountability.

Throw out the heavy scripting and increase patient confidence, trust and respect using a few “key” words!

Learn successful tips for Optimal Case Presentation.

Refine your financial policy with payment options that will fit most budgets. 

No Insurance? No Problem! Discuss the rise of preventative care Membership Clubs and how they may increase your  recare numbers without the extra work!

Introduce proven methods to reduce your patient’s dependency on “dental insurance” and get out of the PPO rat race.

Encourage collaborative Teamwork to meet daily production goals. 

What you will learn:

~Develop an invested, highly skilled, cross trained “Team”, for Optimal Practice Efficiency!

~Utilize “key” verbal ques to engage patients in their dental care!

~Create a culture of customer service found in no other practice in your area!

~Increase treatment presentation and acceptance of care!

~Explore the secrets to making your practice the one Everyone will be talking about!!!

 Partial Day; Interactive Lecture, Workshop; for OM, Doctor and Tea



The Ultimate Cross-Trained Team! 

The Secret Weapon Against the Unexpected


Why would you want to cross train your team?

 The better question should be, Why WOULDN’T you want to cross train you team? 

  In any business, having the ability to continue your day to day functions, care for patients/clients and take the 

 worry out of the “what ifs” of a day, can be priceless. 

 It all starts with the creation of a team that, not only are exceptional in their designated job functions and in 

 customer service, but are also hungry for personal growth and providing optimal patient care. 

 The ultimate team of individuals takes pride in what they offer and bring to the success of the practice! 

 It becomes second nature to help each other when the unexpected happens! AND IT WILL!

 Course Description:

 Examine departmental processes and procedures so that any member of the team can understand them.

 Pinpoint the areas of your practice where Team members can be cross trained to jump in and help if needed.

 Train Everyone to answer the telephone “properly”, learning how to convert that shopper call to a 

 new patient appointment?

 Encourage collaborative teamwork to meet daily production goals. 

 What you will learn:

 ~Explore systems that will help you to begin the cross training as soon as you get back to your office.

 ~Foster a team culture that eliminates the “that’s not my job” mentality and replaces it with a synergistic energy 

 that patients will feel when they walk into your practice!

 ~Introduce unique ways of looking at your schedule to find the hidden opportunities for increased production.

 ~Empower the entire team to become the Confident and Ultimate cross trained dental team, without the added stress! 

Partial Day; Interactive Lecture, Workshop; for OM, Doctor and Team



SWISS CHEESE-It's Not For Schedules Anymore!  


Do you “LOVE” late cancellations and no-show patients? 

If you said “Yes”, this course is not for you! 

All kidding aside; it is frustrating when you have an empty chair! You’re fed up with patients not 

 showing up for their appointments and last-minute cancellations! 

You know there’s a problem but you don’t know how to fix it!

Course Description:

Communication is key in all aspects of our lives. How we communicate with people will make or break a relationship! 

So why is it so easy for some people and so difficult for others?

You are not the only dental practice facing these issues! 

You can be the dental practice in your area that greatly reduces these issues with the right arsenal of verbal skills 

and operational guidelines.

What is the cost of an empty chair in your practice?

How would things be different if you reduced the amount of open time in your schedule? 

What you will learn:

~Explore scheduling techniques to create a clean and productive daily schedule.

~Master communication skills that will effectively guide your patient into scheduling now, not "waiting until it hurts"  

~Develop techniques to place a value on your time as well as respecting the time of your patient. 

~Determine what your perfect workweek looks like and guide patients to treatment within those hours.

~Create a culture of scheduling responsibility in your practice. Learn how EVERYONE helps fill the schedule. 

~Establish systems and guidelines for managing the schedule.

Partial Day; Interactive Lecture, Workshop; for OM, Doctor and Team



AUTHENTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE-Patient Centered Care at its Finest!


Course Description: People are emotional beings!

People who respond like robots due to reliance on heavy scripting can be perceived as insincere by patients. 

Empathy, Active Listening, Positivity, Friendliness and Patience are the ingredients to providing authentic 

customer service.

Learn how these soft skills relate to the personal side of service and to go straight to a patient’s emotional responses!

Does your Team know your vision? Are they empowered to help move the practice forward?

Watch the amazing changes happen when you create and nurture an environment of hospitality, positive verbal and 

non-verbal language skills, you incorporate active listening skills, and garnish all this with genuine caring and 

patience on your journey to developing the 5-star customer service environment that will make your practice the 

one patients will refer to you over and over again!


What you will learn:

~Explore the art of verbal and non-verbal communication with your patients and each other!

~Learn to create a synergistic team focus and the importance of their role in providing authentic, exceptional 

customer service.

~Learn what an effective morning huddle really involves and how this one meeting will improve customer 

service and increase production? 

~Master the skill of the two on one transfer to eliminate confusion!

~Asking for referrals and reviews is easy, learn how!

Partial Day; Interactive Lecture, Workshop; for OM, Doctor and Team




What Kind of Day Are You Having?


Oh NO! You know “who” is in the schedule tomorrow! Maybe they won’t show up”!

Hmmmm, I wonder what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful Patients? They haven’t been in for a long time”!

I can’t help you! Can’t you see I’m up to my eyeballs in my own “stuff”!

“What’s wrong with Susie today? She is so crabby”!

“Shhhh, Doctor is in a mood! Better stay clear”!

Each day is different! Imagine walking into your office everyday being productive while having more fun and a lot less stress!

Course Description: 

How many hoops do you jump through during any given day in the office? You try to be proactive instead of reactive, but seriously… Susie is going to drive you nuts! The insurance companies are going to give you a stroke and doctor wants to know why there are holes in the schedule?

Then you go home and your still jumping to get the family and the pets fed, help the kids with homework, start a load of laundry, put the dishes away, check your emails, bathe the kids, read them a good night story, take the dog out, ask spouse how their day was, call your parents to check on them, dry, fold and put the laundry away, and so it goes! 

Day in and day out…how do you stop the madness??? The tasks may vary. However, let’s face it, we all have very busy lives!

Join me for some fun and lots of laughter as we explore “a day in your life”!!!

What You Will Learn: 

~Explore proactive methods of organization to streamline your day.

~Create systems for daily efficiency that can be used at work and at home.

~Learn communication skills that create positive responses, everytime!

~Define and establish the Right Culture for your Practice

~Establish goals and performance expectations for the entire Team

Partial Day; Interactive Lecture, Workshop; for OM, Doctor and Team


EVENTS - Partial List



ADA FDC Annual Meeting 2020

Chicago Mid-Winter 2020

Care Stream Global Oral Health Summit Nov. 2019

AADOM Lansing, MI Oct. 2019

UDA Dental Convention 2019

CPMS-CT. Practice Managers Solutions 2019

AADOM Buffalo/WNY 2019


NEPAM (New England Practice Administrators and Managers) Providence, RI. 2018


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